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College of Health and Human Services

The College of Health and Human Services maintains 198 computers across 16 labs for the use of the department and its students. These labs are largely restricted to students with majors that fall under the purview of the College of Health and Human Services. If you would like more information about these labs, please contact the college at 417-836-4176.

Labs in the College of Health and Human Services

Lab Name
Hours open
Access limits
# of Computers
Additional Notes
Professional 1028am-10pm M-Th and 8am-5pm FriNone4130 PCs, 1 Mac, 2 network printers and a scanner
Psychology Open LabHill 311Schedule varies depending on classes being taught in roomLimited by availability28
CSD LabProfessional 145No open hoursCommunications Sciences & Disorders students27
CSD LabProfessional 153No open hoursCommunications Sciences & Disorders students10Network printer and color printer
SMAT LabProfessional 160No open hoursSports Medicine & Athletic Training students5Network printer
CSD LabProfessional 244No open hoursCommunications Sciences & Disorders students5Network printer
CSD LabProfessional 176No open hoursCommunications Sciences & Disorders students5
CHHS LabProfessional 233No open hoursAll CHHS faculty and staff, Limited by availability481 server
SWK LabProfessional 200No open hoursSocial Work GA’s5Network printer
Nursing and PAS Lab Professional 317No open hoursNursing and Physical Assistant Studies students8Network printer
BMS LabProfessional 359No open hoursBiomedical Science students12Network printer, scanner 
Dietetics LabProfessional 425No open hoursDietetics students10Network printer
RLS LabKSGX 100No open hoursRecreation & Leisure Studies students10Network Printer
HPER LabMCDA 117No open hoursHealth & Physical Education students10Network printer
PSY LabHill 450No open hoursPsychology GA’s6Network printer
PSY LabHill 425No open hoursPsychology Students10
LDC LabAlumni 500No open hoursLearning & Diagnostic Clinic GAs and students5