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Blackboard is in the Cloud 

In May 2018, Blackboard Learn was updated to a new cloud-hosted system. The previous Missouri State Blackboard system was self-hosted with servers on campus, but the new Blackboard Software as a Service (SaaS) system is hosted by Blackboard on cloud servers. 

Blackboard SaaS can be accessed via links in My Missouri State and the Missouri State homepage, as well as with our existing Blackboard URL:

Read a letter from the Learning Management System Advisory Committee on this upgrade:
A Letter to MSU Faculty from John S. Bourhis, Chair of the LMSAC

Image of paperclipBlackboard in the Cloud flyer

Items to Note

  • Courses on the previous Blackboard system, now known as Bb Legacy, will remain available for at least three years. Instructors of record can access Bb Legacy via the LMS Resources for Faculty / Blackboard Black Belt Online Training Community site.
  • All Summer 2017, Fall 2017, and Spring 2018 courses have been migrated to the new SaaS system. Courses older than Summer 2017 will not be migrated and can be accessed on the Bb Legacy site.
  • All Master Template Courses with “Master” or “MST” in the course ID (not the course name) have been migrated to the new system. Users with Master Courses under another ID can request they be migrated with this form
  • Any Blackboard Community/Organization sites that need to be migrated can also be requested with this form.

The New Class Dashboard in My Missouri State

In the new Blackboard SaaS system, instructors choose the classes they want to have a Blackboard course for. Instead of all Banner courses being added to Blackboard automatically, instructors select the courses they want to see in Blackboard by using the Class Dashboard in My Missouri State. 

In the Experts Knowledge Base, How to Use the Class Dashboard to Request Blackboard Courses gives step-by-step instructions on this new process. 

Access the Class Dashboard

SaaS Deployment Option for Blackboard Learn

Image text: With SaaS deployment, Blackboard Learn updates seamlessly and users experience enhancements with zero downtime. Our learning management system (LMS) is about great satisfaction for learners and educators, and - for IT leaders and system administrators - peace of mind.

With Software as a Service (SaaS), improvements go into production faster than ever. This means learners and educators get the best experience possible, all the time.

See why the Missouri State University IT Council chose to implement Blackboard SaaS: Blackboard Learn SaaS Evaluation - Background and Benefits


Check out the Information Services blog for more information on the new SaaS Blackboard system.



Technical Documentation

Reference the online Knowledge Base for documentation and instructions on using Blackboard. You can find updated pages dedicated to Blackboard under the Blackboard Learn section.