Cheek Hall 150

See CURRENT STATUS page for more information on system status and planned maintenance. 

Best of MSU 2014 Computer Services welcomes you to the only lab on campus that is open 24 hours from Sunday through Thursday during spring, summer, and fall semesters utilizing:

  • 60 powerful Windows-based PCs
  • 2 Apple iMacs with 27" screens
  • 2 scanning stations
  • 2 high-speed printers for academic use
  • powerful software tools

The Open-Access Lab located in Cheek Hall 150 was voted "Trending for Best Place to Study on Campus" in 2014. Staffed by friendly and helpful full-time staff and student workers, we are here to assist you with your computing needs.

Cheek Hall 150 Fall Hours

Monday Midnight - Midnight
Tuesday Midnight - Midnight
Wednesday Midnight - Midnight
Thursday Midnight - Midnight
Friday Midnight – Midnight
Saturday 10:00 am – Midnight
Sunday 12:00 pm – Midnight