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SAS is provided for all Missouri State University students and faculty who are conducting non-profit, academic studies and/or research. To download SAS, submit the Computer Services email form below which indicates that you have agreed to the terms and conditions laid out by SAS, and then we will grant you permission to download the software.

Terms Summary

SAS is provided for Academic Use only, and we have also signed the Academic Home User Amendment. Academic Use is defined as for classroom instruction and coursework that is directly related to degree requirements and is non-commercial. Non-commercial research is defined as being in support of degree-granting requirements or a faculty member's tenure, research that is federally funded in support of academia, and is in fulfillment of or funded by a university related program or initiative.

Faculty and students can install the software on their personally owned computers. The license only allows the software to be outside the United States for up to three months during the annual license period. This applies to both university owned machines and personally owned computers.

We must keep track of where SAS is being used and how it is being used. We must also keep track of who all has received the software for their personal computers (through the Academic Home User Amendment).

SAS Agreement

SAS Agreement

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Download SAS

Requests are reviewed manually by a User Support Specialist who will verify your status as either a student or faculty member and then grant you permission to download SAS. You will be emailed once you have been granted permission, and you will then be able to download SAS.