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Before purchasing a printer, pay particular attention to:

  • The volume of printing you need to accomplish
  • If the printer needs to be shared with multiple people
  • If you need color or just black and white printing

Feel free to contact the Help Desk before buying a printer, and we’ll be happy to help you pick one out.

What We Recommend

As a rule, the Help Desk will work to support you and any hardware you have; your printers don’t have to be on this list to be on the print server, or for us to help you use them. That said, we want to provide recommendations to you that can help you make an informed decision about your purchase. If what you see here doesn’t meet your needs, give us a call, and we’ll help you find the best printer for your office. We’re constantly working to keep this page up-to-date, and to widen the array of recommendations to fit the needs of the entire campus, so keep checking back!

Dell S2830dn

Dell B2360dn PrinterThis black and white printer is a great unit for the most basic printing needs. It includes a duplex-er so that you can easily print double-sided if you want. The warranty gives 5 Year, Next-Business Day onsite response, so you can be sure than any problems with the printer will be addressed quickly and effectively. The quote includes a 2,500 page toner cartridge, which will need to be returned when it comes time to replace it; this use-and-return cycle helps ensure that you get the discounted price on the toner. Average Monthly Volume: 2,500 to 5,000 pages (historically, most offices send less than 3000 prints per month to their network printers)

To Purchase the Dell S2830dn:
Price: $256.19   E-Quote# 1023035987305 expires on Tuesday, March 27, 2018.

To Purchase the Dell S2830dn with an additional 550-Sheet Paper Tray:
Price: $398.68  E-Quote# 1023081555949 expires on Tuesday, March 27, 2018.

Dell C2660dn

Dell C2660dn PrinterThis color printer is a good basic color printer for an office and can serve under hefty print loads. It includes a duplex-er and can be setup as a network printer on our servers. The printer comes with starter cartridges that will print about 1200 pages, depending on your use of the color. You can also order additional toner cartridges for use when the starter cartridges run out. If you need a custom E-Quote to purchase one toner cartridge of a particular color, please contact the Help Desk. You can also purchase toner cartridges for your printer from third party office supply stores.

Average Monthly Volume: 50,000 pages
Price per page: About $0.139 (note that cost per page varies widely based on how much toner of each color you use)

To Purchase the Dell C2660dn:
Price: $435.74  E-Quote# 1023078267367 expires on Tuesday, March 27, 2018.

To Purchase the Dell C2660dn with an additional 550 Sheet tray:
Price: $612.43  E-Quote# 1024191010080 expires on Tuesday, March 27, 2018.

Additional toner cost varies depending on what you need. See Dell’s Ink, Toner, and Print Supplies page  for more details.


To help protect the investment you’re making, our pre-generated E-quotes come with an extended warranty, which will cover the printer for five years. The warranty won’t cover the consumable parts (i.e. the printer’s toner cartridges), but they will cover repairs to the printer during the warranty period. If you’re not sure which to purchase or don’t see a printer here that fits your needs, contact the Help Desk, and we can discuss your needs in detail and help determine the best fit for your office. Let us know when you’ve purchased a printer; if you’d like to talk in advance of purchasing it, we welcome such inquiries. Once it arrives and you have an active network jack for it, we will get it setup on our print servers (Tiger, Eagle, Rhino, or Hippo) and help you and others in your office connect to and use it.

Networking the Printer

To help keep down printing costs, the Help Desk recommends that most offices utilize a network printer capable of handling the needs of all of its staff. The biggest part of the cost of owning a printer comes from the consumable parts that have to be replaced, such as toner. Printers designed to handle large print volumes (network printers) make the most efficient use of these consumables and, so, drive down the cost per page. Also, we recommend that you purchase a printer with a duplexer, which allows you to easily print double-sided, significantly reducing paper waste.

In terms of the total cost of ownership over the life of a printer, the most expensive devices you can get are desktop inkjets, which are the cheapest to buy up front. Conversely, the printers with the lowest cost-per-page & total cost of ownership will also be the most expensive up front.

To use a printer as a device shared on the network, you will need an ethernet jack, just like you’d need for your networked computer. The Networking and Telecommunications unit of Computer Services can turn on an existing network jack for which the department is assessed a monthly fee. Information on installing a network jack or turning an existing jack on can be found on their page for requesting data communication services.