Black Belt Achievement Series

While the Blackboard Black Belt program is retired, you can still earn your Black Belt badge and certificate through December 2022. All videos will continue to be available through our YouTube channel at msuhelpdesk - YouTube.

The Black Belt Achievements series offers Black Belts the opportunity to become Blackboard Grandmasters – the true experts on using Blackboard Learn! 

After completing both the Black Belt and Achievement series – all 8 courses – users will receive:

  • Honorary title of Blackboard Grandmaster
  • Blackboard Grandmaster 4" sewn patch to accompany the 4" Black Belt patch
  • Blackboard Grandmaster Certificate

Online Video Courses

The Black Belt Achievement series is offered as self-paced video courses in the Black Belt Virtual Dojo organization on Blackboard. Everyone who achieves their Blackboard Black Belt certification is added to this organization site, but if you have completed the Black Belt training series and don't see the Virtual Dojo organization please contact the Help Desk.

Grade center guru logo
Grade Center Guru

This course allows Black Belts to expand their knowledge and utilization of the Grade Center. It will focus on customization, organization, and advanced tools in the Grade Center.

Cool Communicator

This course is all about Blackboard Collaborate. Users will learn about the differences between Collaborate Original and Ultra, learn how to add Collaborate to a course, create a session, and navigate the features within a session.

Content Curator

This Achievement session allows Black Belts to learn more about the Content Collection and advanced methods of content creation and management, as well as how to share content.

Assessment Ace

Blackboard offers some amazing assessment features, and this course allows users to learn all about the various ways to assess students’ progress in a course. From creating test pools, surveys, assignments, and tests to using SafeAssign, LockDown Browser, and Respondus Monitor to prevent cheating, this course will help instructors know which tools are best for their courses and how to utilize them effectively.

Engagement Expert

This course focuses on how to add more engaging material and media utilizing tools within Blackboard. Users will also learn about how to add gamification to their course through the Achievements tool.

Blackboard Grandmaster

Completion of all five Achievement courses, in no particular order, will earn users the Blackboard Grandmaster badge and title. This signifies the user’s commitment to professional development and expertise with the learning management system,