About Bomgar

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The Computer Services Help Desk now offers remote support through a Bomgar appliance.

Bomgar enables us to securely connect to your computer with only the permissions you grant, and we can then provide support and fix the problem as if we were physically at your computer. No need to wait for someone to visit your office.

Remote support is only available during our regular business hours:

What is Bomgar?

Bomgar is a remote support appliance that lets us create a secure connection between one of our support technicians and your computer. The appliance is hosted at the Springfield campus of Missouri State University and is used to facilitate resolution of software problems or configuration issues.

Why use Bomgar?

There are many computer problems that are hard for a support technician to resolve without seeing them firsthand. Using the Bomgar remote support appliance, a technician can connect directly to your computer without having to visit your office or without you having to bring your computer to campus. Also, there are many issues that are complex enough that using a remote connection can greatly speed up resolution time.

Who uses Bomgar?

Missouri State University Computer Services currently has 5 licensed seats for support technicians. Bomgar will be used by both full-time staff and well-trained student workers to provide support on a wide range of subjects. We can provide support for all Missouri State University related connections and technologies to all faculty, staff, students, prospective students, parents, alumni, and vendors.

Where can I connect to Bomgar?

You can connect to Bomgar from anywhere in the world with a Windows PC, Apple OS X computer, or Linux computer. We have tested it on Apple iOS as well, though functionality is limited on smartphones. A high speed Internet connection is needed for remote support, but we have successfully used the Bomgar appliance on a 512 kbps connection.