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Blackboard Feature Spotlight: The New Content Editor

The new and improved Content Editor enables simple content creation through an easy to use interface. The editor reads, writes and renders modern HTML – so the content you created in Microsoft Word and the course pages you designed so carefully in Dreamweaver will render with great fidelity within Blackboard Learn. Yes, you can now copy and paste from Word with ease! Other essential functions you need are there – the ability to resize images, find/replace, and simple icons in the toolbar for everyday tasks. You can still easily add rich content by pulling in mashups from YouTube, Flickr, Slideshare, and more. Another great feature of the new Content Editor is that you can expand it for full-frame editing, giving you a lot more real estate to build rich content.

For more information about the new content editor, check out the article on Experts!

Check out this quick hit video from Blackboard about the new Content Editor as well!

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