Software for Home

Missouri State faculty, staff, and students can obtain the following software for their home computers.

Get it!
Antivirus for Windows Yes Yes We recommend Microsoft Security Essentials, which you can download for free.
Antivirus for Mac Yes Yes We recommend ClamXav which is no longer free.
Microsoft Software and Operating Systems Yes (Work at Home) 

GAs and TAs qualify as well
Yes (Student Select or Dreamspark) Faculty/Staff: Kivuto

Students: Inquire at the Bookstore Computer Connection

Microsoft Dreamspark: Microsoft Dreamspark provides software for faculty and students to use for purely academic purposes. In many cases, this Microsoft software is free. Access it via Dreamspark Premium.
PC SAS Yes Yes Agree to ToS and Download
SPSS No No Available for download

Please do not include any sensitive information such as your PIN or passwords in correspondence.