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Bearmail Restored for Faculty and Staff

Early Friday morning, the Enterprise Systems Group was notified that email for users whose last names started with A-M was not working.  Upon further investigation, it was determined that the database containing mailboxes for users whose last names started with B was not working correctly, causing the entire server to not function properly.  The “B” database was taken offline, allowing email to work for all other users.

As advised by Microsoft technical support, a utility was then run on the “B” database to detect and fix any errors.  The repair of the database was started Friday morning and completed early Saturday afternoon.  It was then brought back online, restoring service to the affected mailboxes.  Also as advised by Microsoft, several mailboxes from the “B” database were migrated to a new server to spread out the load.

At this point, the Microsoft Exchange email system is available to all users.

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