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Passport (VPN)

Passport is software that creates a virtual private network between your computer and the University. This virtual private network, or VPN will allow you to connect securely to the Missouri State University network as if you were at a computer here on campus. This will allow you to access resources like networked storage space or other functions that could normally only be performed on campus.

Note: You cannot connect to the Missouri State VPN from on the Missouri State campus.

For installation instructions, visit the VPN Client page on the Experts Wiki.

To proceed directly to the Passport, navigate to

Internet Connections with an active VPN will be a bit slower than those without one.  For this reason we recommend using only high-speed Internet connections (DSL or cable modem) when connecting through a VPN. Dialup is not recommended for use when using the VPN client.

Windows XP Home Edition

If you are using Windows XP Home Edition, Passport may not work if you have more than one user logged in to your computer. Be sure only one user is logged on before using the VPN client.

Technical Support

If you are not able to connect with Passport or if you are having trouble with the Passport installation, please contact the Help Desk.