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Account Support

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This page provides a general overview of the accounts available to you depending on your relationship with Missouri State University. There may be other discipline-specific or area-specific accounts available but they would be maintained and controlled by their respective departments.

  • BearPass Login (Eligible: Students, Faculty, Staff, and Emeritus faculty or staff)
  • My.MissouriState.edu Portal (Eligible: Employees, Students, and Faculty)
  • Self-Service Banner (SSB) Account (Eligible: Faculty and Staff)
  • Internet Native Banner (INB) Account (Eligible: Faculty and Staff)

BearPass Login

Before you can access the services offered through Missouri State University Computer Services, you must get a BearPass Login. This will give you access to the My Missouri State portal, your email, and a variety of other resources.

Click here to learn more about BearPass.

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff members employed by Missouri State University are eligible to acquire and maintain a Missouri State Active Directory Account. Faculty and staff members can receive accounts by presenting their BearPassCard™ at the Cheek Hall 164 distribution window. When you receive your Missouri State Active Directory Account, you must change your temporary password in order to access your resources. See more information on changing passwords.


Students registered for classes in the current or next semester may obtain a BearPass Login by:


A person who is not a Missouri State University student or employee but who has a legitimate need for computer access may be granted a guest account. Due to licensing restrictions, the Coordinator of Enterprise Systems and Operations must approve any requests for guest accounts. Requests for this permission should be sent to the Computer Services Help Desk.


Emeritus staff members are entitled to a BearPass Login. Emeritus personnel receive accounts by presenting their BearPass Card at the Cheek Hall 164 distribution window.

When you receive your BearPass Login you must change your temporary password in order to access your resources. See more information on changing passwords.

BearPass Account Deactivation

Accounts are generally deactivated six weeks into the next major semester (Spring/Fall) in which a person is no longer affiliated with Missouri State University. Two weeks before account deactivation is scheduled to take place, an email notification is sent to all accounts scheduled for removal at that time. If you receive this email and feel it is in error please send an email to the Computer Services Help Desk.

My.MissouriState.edu Portal

The My.MissouriState.edu portal is accessed using your BearPass Login, mentioned above. This is the same account used to log onto computers on the Missouri State University campus, as well as into your email.


Self-Service Banner (SSB)

The Self-Service Banner (SSB) Account isn’t used directly–instead, Self-Service Banner is accessed through the My Missouri State portal. You will be logged in automatically to SSB after you have logged into the portal.

Internet Native Banner (INB)

Your Internet Native Banner (INB) Account is used to login to Internet Native Banner (INB) and consists of your Banner Password and Banner ID. Your Banner ID is formed using the first letter of your first name and your entire last name; i.e., Jane Smith’s Banner ID is jsmith. Your Banner Password must meet Missouri State University’s Password Complexity Requirements.

Other Account Resources:

There are different resources available across campus to other users. Your relationship with Missouri State University and the department that controls the resource, as well as your personal usage needs, will determine what other resources are available to you. Contact the Help Desk if you would like to obtain any of these resources.

  • Departmental File Storage (Eligible: Faculty and Staff)
  • Course Web Site (Eligible: Faculty and Staff)
  • Personal Web Site (Eligible: Faculty, Staff and Students)
  • Student Organizations Web Site